January 26, 2009

Weekly news roundup

The green blogger is attending the Soap and Detergent Association meeting in Florida and so posts for this week will be erratic (gotta do her daytime job diligently!). For now here is this week's news roundup which seem to be centered mostly on renewable energy.

Trash to Energy system
IST Energy launched its new GEM waste-to-energy conversion system, which affordably converts everyday trash into small pellets that are, in turn, converted into electricity and gas heat.The GEM is the first compact and mobile waste-to-energy system.

GM's $30m battery plant
General Motors Corp will invest $30 million in its planned U.S. lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing facility for its all-electric Chevrolet Volt. Preparation for the new Michigan plant will begin in early 2009, with production tooling to be installed mid-year and output starting in 2010.

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