January 9, 2009

Clean tech investments to slow in 2009

Venture investments within clean technology is expected to decline this year compared to the all-time peak experienced in 2008, according to two recent reports.

Market research and financial service Cleantech Group said some of the challenges predicted this year include twice the amount of failure rate of cleantech startups; delays in global climate change and US carbon cap and trade legislation; and shakeout in thin film photovoltaic solar because of previous over-investments and inflated valuations.

The Cleantech Group also predicts this year will be full of acquisitions of green growth assets as government and large corporation research and development (R&D) spending on energy and other clean technologies expected to be largely flat.

The group however is still optimistic about the energy efficiency market as well as investments in the wind energy sector. Other growth sectors include integrated energy management systems, smart grid, carbon content reduction in supply chains, and next generation solar materials and systems.

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