December 28, 2008

Holiday green gifts

Christmas is over, school is out (at least temp0rarily) and I am finally able to get a few moments to access the internet and wish the green blog readers a very Happy Holidays!

I've been compiling news announcements of several green consumer products launch for months in time for the holidays. I wonder if they're really eco-friendly or is this just another marketing ploy to grab consumers' green bucks. The question is: With the economic recession in full force, will green product innovation suffer?

Eco-litter box - this invention might look weird (to you and your cat) at first but Feline Evolution says its CatSeat allows for a Green Filter(TM) that can help save the lives of Sea Otters on California's Pacific Coast by providing proper disposal of cat waste. The CatSeat reportedly eliminates a cat's dependence on litter gradually. A nice gift for your eco-loving cat!
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