December 31, 2008

2009 welcomes green chems

The incoming year could be a big year for Green chemistry. US president-elect Obama promises to boost the green energy market while industry talks of more chemical restriction from Congress will also boost development of alternative "green" chemicals. Another major development is California's Green Chemistry Initiative where the state has already jump-started its rule-making process to restrict certain chemicals and increase development for green chemicals. California also adopted the first statewide green building standards in the US which will become mandatory in 2010.

My 2008 prediction of more chemical restriction has taken place. Phthalates in certain kids' products will soon be banned under the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act in the US. Norway bannedthe flame retardant deca-BDE in April while Canada bans polycarbonate baby bottles with bisphenol-A. European Union's Reach (registration, evaluation, authorization of chemicals) is ongoing although there seems to be trouble implementing that regulation.

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