November 17, 2008

Weekly News Roundup

A lot of acquisition activities seems to be happening recently in the global solar and markets. I guess with the volatile stock market these days, some companies are ripe for the picking. I do wonder if these M&A activities will continue next year and if this is a good omen or a bad one for the clean tech industry.

For now, here are this week's green news roundup.

Evonik borrows genome tools
Integrated Genomics has licensed its ERGO genomics platform to specialty chemicals company Evonik. Scientists from Evonik's Science-to-Business Center Biotechnology will use the ERGO™ system to optimize their production strains and find new methods for high yield production of specialty chemicals.

Japanese solar plant grows
Kyocera is building a new solar cell manufacturing facility in Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture, said to be the company's largest plant in Japan. Production is scheduled in the spring of 2010 with estimated output of 300 megawatt to 650 MW by March 2012.

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