November 11, 2008

Weekly news roundup

I intentionally delayed the weekly news roundup so the birthday post will be prominent all day yesterday (did I mention I like receiving congratulation comments??).

Here is last week's green news. It seems that there are a lot more gloom-and-doom scenario from various energy-intensive industries - chemicals, steel, paper, power, and other industrial and manufacturing sectors - now that the administration and Congress became more blue-blooded (figuratively-speaking).

Lithium battery buyout
Private equity firm Arsenal Capital bought Ferro Corporation's fine chemicals business, which is a big manufacturer of electrolytes and materials used for lithium batteries, ultracapacitors and other energy storage devices.

Silica in green tires
Rhodia and Dow Corning will develop and commercialize new silica/silane products principally to help reduce the rolling resistance of tires and hence reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in automobiles.

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