October 27, 2008

Weekly News Roundup

I am way over my head this week with two articles on a deadline and trying to study for my mid-term exams (political science, English literature and classical studies if anybody is interested to know).

Expect the green blog to have some sputtering post moments in the next few days while I diligently work for ICIS Chemical Business in the morning, and try to cram federalism, Yeats, and Greek alphabets into my head at night- not at the same time.

Here is this week's news roundup!

Renewable product partnership
Elevance Renewable Sciences and start-up company Tetramer Technologies formed a partnership to develop and commercialize novel renewable specialty chemicals. Tetramer will bring to the partnership its organic synthesis, material science and analytical capabilities, while Elevance will provide marketing, technology, engineering and renewable feedstock processing capabilities.

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