September 26, 2008

Weekly News Roundup

I've been juggling several work loads recently (and expecting more next week) so I apologize to the green blog readers if my posts seem to be sparse these past few days. The good news is most of the stories I am working on (three stories right now) is all focusing on green.

Watch out for my sustainable packaging story and the green movement in Japan. I'll also post about ongoing green R&D developments at Rhodia's (a specialty chemical company) research center in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

For now, here's this week's green news roundup:

Bioplastic's best friends
Agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) will collaborate with PolyOne to develop biobased plasticizers from corn and oilseeds. Plasticizers are used to make plastics softer and more flexible.

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