September 12, 2008

Weekly News Roundup

The US Gulf Coast, where major oil and gas refineries are located, is preparing for hurricane Ike's fury, which means we might expect fuel costs to go up in the very near term.

That said, various renewable energy associations are still waiting for Congress to extend tax breaks for alternative energy such as wind, solar, hydrogen fuel, etc., which are set to expire by December 31.

According to today's Wall Street Journal report, several senate leaders are consider a new bipartisan plan to reduce tax breaks for large oil and gas companies all the while extending credits for alternative energy. The bill called Energy Independence and Investment Act of 2008 will be put on the table next month.

More posts coming soon in that subject. For now here's this week's news.

High-tech green cosmetics
Dow Corning and Elevance Renewable Science will jointly develop [and market] natural oil-based personal care ingredients using Materia's metathesis technology. One ingredient, in particular is a naturally derived petrolatum alternatives for use in skin care, color cosmetic, hair care, and underarm products.

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