August 15, 2008

Weekly News Roundup

The media world is abuzz with the Olympics in Beijing, and even the chemical industry is enthusiastically putting out news releases on how their products contribute to some athletes getting the gold, or how they enable them to break world records, why the LED lights in the ceremony are brighter and colorful, or why Peking duck in China is tastier than in New York's Chinatown (this last one I made up).

Even ICIS Chemical Business (the magazine I work for) released its Sports feature for the year in honor of the event. You can check out interesting articles on how the chemical industry contributes to these games.

Will Michael Phelps get his 8th gold medal tonight? Will China's project 119 lead them to being the top Olympic gold medal harvester? Do you think the 7-year old girl Yang Peiyi who sang China's national anthem in the background (while the cute little girl in the red dress lip sync during the ceremony) should seek therapy after being pushed aside from the spotlight because she wasn't pretty enough according to Chinese officials?

We'll soon find the answers for these questions but for now, here's this week exciting Green News roundup!

Chinese green tech in US
Mantra Venture Group signed an exclusive deal to distribute green technology products from China-based E.S.D. Environmental Protection and Technology Co., Ltd. E.S.D. manufactures outdoor solar lights, LED lights, solar power home generation systems, wind and solar hybrid power systems, solar charge controllers and other related products.

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