July 1, 2008

And this year's EPA green chemistry awards go to...

The visit of advanced materials company, SiGNa Chemistry, today in our office reminded me to post this year's recipients of the Presidential Green Chemistry Awards by the Environmental Protection Agency.

1. Battelle (Greener Synthetic Pathways Award) - development and commercialization of biobased toners.

2. Nalco Company (Greener Reaction Conditions Award) - 3D Trasar Technology

3. Dow AgroSciences (Designing Greener Chemicals Award) - Spinetoram: Enhancing a natural product for insect control.

4. SiGNa Chemistry (Small Business Award) - New stabilized alkali metals for safer, sustainable syntheses.

5. Prof. Robert E. Maleczka Jr. and Milton R. Smith III of Michigan State University (Academic Award) - Green chemistry for preparing boronic esters.

I'll post more about the interview with SiGNa as soon as I finished my article for ICIS News.