March 24, 2008

Chem feedstock turns green

ICIS Chemical Business (about ICB) published an in-depth feature on March 10 about renewable, more environment-friendly alternative feedstock for chemicals production. The development of these new feedstock continues to gain momentum as crude oil price skyrockets and chemical regulations tighten.

These articles are free to access!

1. Research on oilseed for chemical feedstock increases by Me. The chemical industry is going back to its roots looking to plants and oilseeds for new raw materials.

2. DSM invests in biotechnology by Andy Brice. Dutch chemical company DSM is hoping its $1.5bn investment in using biomass, enzymes, and other renewable raw materials to produce chemicals will soon pay off to cushion soaring crude oil price.

3. Coal-to-chemicals is a risky gambit to China by John Richardson. China is looking for a secured alternative chemical feedstock to petroleum, and coal-to-chemicals technology could be environmentally feasible if carbon dioxide emissions can be sequestered and water consumed can be recycled.

4. Bio-based building blocks are back by Clay Boswell. Consulting firm McKinsey & Co. confirmed that biotechnology-based chemicals are gaining momentum out from the shadow of biofuels.