February 12, 2008

Worldwide green issues

ICIS Chemical Business, the magazine I work for (About ICB), released on Monday its second annual Green issue covering topics ranging from consumer green trends, China's environmental crisis, to the backlash of biofuels.

These feature stories are free to access and don't be shy if you have some burning comments you want to put out about them.

1. Biofuels backlash grows in fuel versus food debate by Simon Robinson - the stakes are getting high for tortillas, corn flakes, water and bagel. Duck hunters are preparing to go on strike.

2. Consumer industry increases sustainability initiatives by Me - Big box retailers are phasing out chemicals purported to be toxic in their products and packaging. Some industry groups protest.

3. US presidential candidates tackle climate change by Mickey Carter - US climate change regulation is inevitable whoever wins the presidential election. More industry group protests on current proposals.

4. European auto and chem industries seek new refrigerants as R-134a is phased-out by Clay Boswell - the maligned carbon dioxide is being considered as the most environment-friendly refrigerant for automobiles. The fluorocarbon market could shrink extensively.

5. German chemical sector moves swiftly to cut emissions by Dede Williams - Proactive approach by various Germany-based chemical companies to comply with emissions regulations and become more green.

6. Specialty chemical distributor U.S. Chemicals focuses on the environment by Joseph Chang - the women-owned and operated business likes to choose green partners.

7. China's economic boom causes environmental crisis by John Richardson - the darker side of China's economic success. Regulatory enforcements, so far, are not working.

8. Biodegradable plastics confuse the public by Ivan Lerner - Misconception on the greeness of biodegradable plastics. The unrecyclable bioplastics can only degrade in expensive industrial composting plants.