November 8, 2007

Welcome to my Green Chemicals Blog

Welcome to my first green chemicals blog where we can analyze, dissect and sift through the growing power of the word green. In my seven-year coverage of the fats and oils industry (my editorial day job at ICIS), I’ve been constantly comparing the benefits of oleochemicals --chemical compounds derived from natural fats and oils-- versus petrochemicals. Turn out the world of green is no black and white.

Natural does not always means safe. Renewable is not equivalent to sustainable. But the chemical industry is increasingly finding ways to make products eco-friendly and their manufacturing more sustainable. Growing introduction of bioproducts, biofuels, new green chemical platforms and processes are proof enough. Whether they work or not remain to be seen but the important thing is that the industry is trying.

Let me hear your opinions on the green trend and keep this blog flowing!

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